PVC-u Fascias, Soffits, Shiplap, Bargeboards and Guttering

Installing uPVC roof lines gives the benefits of low maintenance and no more painting. Choose from a range of finishes including white or coloured, traditional and contemporary, square edged, bullnose and ogee. They are easy to install, easy to clean and will provide a much more striking appearance to your property and will give your property the finish it deserves.

Fascia's & Soffit's

uPVC window units can sometimes fail especially as they get older, resulting in them steaming up and condensation appearing between the two double glazed units. These units need to be replaced. It is a much cheaper alternative than replacing the entire window unit which is not necessary.

Broken glass from accidental damage or a burglary will also require replacement double glazed units. Other common fails include hinges breaking or locking mechanisms sticking or breaking on handles and window openers.

We can repair or replace your sticking or broken window locks, handles and hinges and also replace leaded windows that need renewing. We also replace gasket and security glazing tape, replace sliding patio door rollers, undertake Velux window repairs and install security upgrades.

Gable Ends

uPVC doors generally need repairing due to broken hinges, alignment issues and stiff or stuck handles. Drafts are also a common problem due to seals failing as well as double glazing units steaming up.

Locks can also rust on fail due to internal components breaking through wear and rust. As the external door handles are exposed to the elements, they will rust over time and also wear which stops them working properly. The only solution is to replace the handles.

Damage due to burglary is also a common occurrence. Minor or extensive repairs may be required or replacement of a door(s) that is beyond repair. General wear and tear such as dints from regular traffic or scratches to the uPVC from keys is also common.


Conservatory roofs and guttering can be susceptible to harsh weather conditions. Exceptionally wet weather can have an adverse effect on your conservatory and tiles can fall from your roof and crack the uPVC.

Leaks may start in bad weather conditions such as heavy snow or rain. Snapped brackets are a common occurrence and glazing panels can also slip or become misty or discoloured. Blocked valley gutters, distorted or poorly sealed roof vents and poor flashing on the property / conservatory interface will also cause leaks.

Leaks will also occur from jointed glazing panels,  slipped or rotted glazing bar covers, leaking gutters and downspouts. Leaks from perished gaskets around the perimeter of glazing panels and poorly fitted or missing end caps and the weight of roof glazing pushing the top of the window outwards will cause leaks that need repairing.

Single Story

Fascias and soffits are important parts of your property as they protect it from extreme weather and are the supporting structure for your guttering. We repair damaged fascias and soffits, gutters, downpipes and fittings.

Accidental damage can occur from being struck by ladders and long term weather damage. Dents, scratches, gouges and splits are all common types of defects we can repair. We can repair quite extensive damage such as large cracks and splits and even burn marks.

Our finishers can fill damaged areas, sand back and then exactly match the original colour and finish. It is more cost effective than buying a replacement unit, hiring scaffolding and disposal of the old fascia.

Traditional Colours

We offer a professional lock repair service and we supply and install replacement locks, handles and hinges for all types of uPVC double glazed windows and doors, helping you to keep your property safe and secure.

Whether your locks are suffering from general wear and tear or they have been damaged due to a burglary, our lock specialists will come out and install new locks for you. It is much more cost effective repairing or replacing your locks than buying complete new window or door units.

We can offer you advice on whether you need a lock repair or a full lock replacement.  We also offer security upgrades whereby we can upgrade the locks on your existing windows and doors for up-to-date, secure locks to meet insurance requirements.

Our 10 Year Guarantee

We don’t just guarantee the best prices, we also guarantee the best quality. Every single unit is built to last, so you can buy our products with complete confidence. We give all of our customers a 10 year guarantee on any units we install so that you have the utmost confidence in our products and service. It is our promise to you.

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.


"Friendly staff. Fantastic. Really looked after us and a great price. Thanks Guys."


"I'd like to say a big thank you to Campbell & Dumville for the excellent job that you have done of my windows and doors. The door looks superb and we have had many compliments about it. Thanks."


"Just a few words to say thanks for the clean and efficient way you carried out my job. When i came home from work it was a great surprise to be able to just sit down and enjoy my new home rather than cleaning. Thanks for your help."


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